Welcome to the Tarshis Foundation.

The Tarshis Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare and advocating the benefits of plant based lifestyles.

The Foundation seeks to fund individuals and organizations who effectively advocate the health, environmental and humane merits of plant-based, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Through grants and direct financing, we work to support scientists, artists, content-creators and activists engaged in novel and thought-provoking projects that further these objectives.

We also work to improve conditions for farmed animals by advocating for transparent farming practices and by promoting the purchase of products from local, humanely-managed farms.  Our work in this area is accomplished through financial support of other charitable organizations with similar objectives and through the Foundation’s partnerships with small, local farms striving toward these same goals.

The Foundation promotes animal welfare by assisting individuals and organizations that remove animals from abusive conditions; by funding quality care and living conditions for abused or neglected animals; by promoting and providing cost-effective spay and neuter programs; by funding organizations that identify and work towards the prosecution of companies that maintain inhumane animal conditions; and by educating the public on animal fighting, adoption alternatives, and inhumane livestock conditions.  

Finally, The Foundation partners with federal, state, and local agencies, as well as NGOs, that pursue and investigate those engaged in animal fighting or related abusive activities, including the breeding of animals for fighting.